Gamer Swag: All About the Player


In case you stumbled upon this blog by accident, perhaps after clicking a link shared one of those social thing-a-ma-bobs, take a second to understand how lucky you really are. You’ve just discovered the world’s first, international database of Gamer Swag.

Ok, obviously some of you may need a few more second to control your enthusiasm, as for those swag-less individuals out there who are either put off or confused by the term, swag is all about having a modern, hip, stylish appearance. It is about not only looking good, but also about looking better than most. Anyone can wear a nice shirt or tight jeans, but only an individual with swag can turn a simple look into a reaction like the following: DUH-AMN!!!

Gamer Swag takes it a step further. For decades, gamers have been thought of as anti-social, lack-luster in appearance, and swag-less overall. However, with society’s complete acceptance of digital technology, these stereotypes are no longer common in our culture. Gamer girls are sexy, and just as competitive as guys. The typical male gamer is no longer the over-weight, 30-year virgin living in his mother’s basement. Gamers have evolved, and so should the industry. Like everything mainstream, we need to glamourize the players, show the world that some of those among us can play as good as they look. Hopefully I’m referring to some of you, my readers.

Be the first Gamer “Kardashian”. Let’s see how much attention a gamer can get, simply for being fine as hell! Send us your pics, prove that you are a gamer and that you deserve to be on our blog! Only those with swag will be featured here, all others need not waste our time.